How to increase family assets by more than 10 times, protect oneself from the instability of anti-offshore regulation and ensure family well-being with the help of Singapore private banks and the most reliable insurance companies in the world?

The portal offers readers a new column dedicated to the review of products and services aimed at increasing and preserving wealth and assets and receiving investment income. The first among such products, we consider the investment-insurance product from the world’s leading insurers, with financing from Singapore banks – Universal life, popular in the Asian market, in particular, among customers and investors from Japan.

What is Universal Life (UL)?

UL insurance policy (“Policy”) is a highly liquid instrument that combines guaranteed capital gains and life insurance with guaranteed high coverage ratio from the most reliable insurance companies in the world.

Why Universal Life?

Universal Life is a unique investment and insurance product, as it simultaneously combines (i) life insurance with guaranteed high coverage, (ii) investment growth in the value of an asset, (iii) the ability to receive financing against its security and (iv) is not an asset , which must be declared in the framework of anti-offshore rules, which (v) may be owned personally, directly, without the use of complex structures.

The policy is valid for life, and the insured event always comes, the only question is – when exactly? UL policy is a highly reliable and highly profitable investment that you leave to your loved ones. If desired, the Policy can be canceled by receiving in return not only the amount contributed but also the accumulated capital gains – at any time during the life, which makes the Policy even more attractive.

  • Allows you to increase your family assets up to 27 times or more! The policy instantly increases your family assets by at least 3-5 times, since the $ 1 cost of the policy gives you up to $ 5.5 of coverage [1] and the annual guaranteed capital gain of at least 2.5% of the current value (guaranteed in the Policy itself, and for the last For decades, the average interest rate of capital gains did not fall below 4% in the case of a “cancellation” of the policy. The policy is valid for life, but you can “cancel” it at any time and receive money paid for the policy + accumulated capital gains similar to the accumulated% of the deposit. UL policy is positioned as a reliable bond (bond) with a guaranteed coupon of 4-5% per annum + life insurance for a substantial amount.

By purchasing the Policy, you can use debt financing of the leading private banks in the world. The loan is not returned in life, you pay only the use of the loan at the rate of LIBOR + 1% (1.5-1.75% per annum), in this case, you will receive up to $ 27 of coverage for $ 1 of the cost of the policy.

The policy is very flexible in use since it is allowed to pay the policy by installments or payments on a regular basis. Suppose you want to provide insurance coverage of $ 1 million and have chosen to pay for the policy in installments or by regular payments. After making the first payment (in the amount of approximately 1% of the amount of coverage with regular payments, the monthly amount will be approximately $ 1 thousand), you will immediately receive coverage of $ 1 million in case of an insured event. In this case, your family assets have increased about 960 times!

  • It is a highly liquid and highly reliable asset. If desired, the owner (holder) of the Policy can use the Policy as a pledge and easily and quickly get a low interest loan at the rate of the order of LIBOR + 1% (1.5-1.75% per annum) in the amount of 85-90% of the pledge value of the Policy in reliable private banks in the world
  • It protects against uncertainty and instability of anti-offshore legislation, being an excellent alternative to owning foreign companies.
  • Does not require a declaration, cannot be confiscated, does not participate in the distribution of property between spouses, cannot be recovered or section
  • It is a guarantee of a secure future for people close to you, instantly making payments on insured events
  • Harmonizes the financial and personal relationships of your loved ones. Insurance coverage is distributed among beneficiaries in the proportions established by the owner, in some cases without tax burden, regardless of the jurisdiction of the beneficiaries, while respecting the confidentiality
  • UL is a cheap and effective way to neutralize/pay off debts. Covers incurred and current debt and tax obligations, preserving the heritage and well-being of people close to you safe and sound.
  • UL is very attractive as a cumulative program. The cost of your policy is guaranteed to grow by 2.5-5% after overcoming the “break even” point, which is usually 4-6 years depending on the insurance company (if you cancel the policy after break even, the refund always exceeds the amount paid when purchasing the Policy). By purchasing a policy in 45 years and, for example, canceling it in 65 years, you can expect about a 70% increase in the cost of the policy (you will get $ 1.7 million for the $ 1 million invested)

Reliability and Warranties 

Insurance activity is particularly tightly controlled by the regulators of each jurisdiction, which ensures 100% of payments by insurance companies. There is an established level of liquidity of the company’s capital, below which it does not have the right to descend in order to continue working with life insurance: at least 120%. All insurance companies whose services you can receive have a level from 220% to 390%.

If the company begins to experience financial difficulties (it is worth noting that such cases did not occur with the companies we work for more than 100 years), the state regulator intervenes, which helps either to rehabilitate, or initiates a merger with a stronger player, or forcibly sells the company stronger player.

Why is the stability of guaranteed payments maintained? Iron guarantees are not related to the fact that insurance companies successfully “outplay” the investment market, insurance companies receive their main income through the use of the results of modern research and calculations of average life expectancy around the world, which show that the average life expectancy has increased from 1900 to 2015 almost 2 times (from 43 to 80 years) according to annual studies conducted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Examples and principles of work

Let us consider an example of the acquisition of the Policy with the attraction of debt financing of the bank. For example, the cost of UL is $ 2.25 million, the coverage will be $ 10 million. You can get a bank loan secured by the policy in the amount of $ 1.7 million at a rate of about LIBOR + 1% (1.5-1.75% per annum) (approximately $ 2.5 thousand per month) and in fact deposit only $ 555 thousand of personal funds while receiving coverage of $ 10 million. In this case, your asset has increased by 18 times at once. You pay only% for the use of the loan, the loan you do not give in life, the debt will be paid from the amount of insurance coverage. If you wish, you can repay the loan amount before the insured event. It is worth paying a shot that UL is perfectly combined with the existing investment portfolios of clients, since part of the regular investment income can be used to cover% of the bank loan, thereby increasing family assets even more.

UL is a very convenient product, the policy can be paid in interest-free installments. For example, with a minimum coverage of $ 1 million, the cost of the policy is approximately $ 250 thousand (the value is calculated individually), you divide the payment into $ 12 thousand per year, and pay $ 1 thousand per month. After the first payment in the amount of $ 1 thousand, the coverage will be $ 1 million, thereby increasing your family asset by 1000 times!

Payment can be divided into 3,4,5 and more payments.

Another example: by investing only 30% of your wealth (eg, $ 1 million out of $ 3 million) in the acquisition of the policy, you provide to three recipients/families 100% of your wealth each ($ 3 million)

CONFIDERI successfully implemented the first case for a Russian client with financing in a Singapore bank. The purchaser of the Polis is a man, about 50 years old, not smoking, in good physical shape. Own funds for the acquisition of the Policy – $ 1 million. The amount of a loan from a Singapore bank to pay an insurance premium is $ 2.7 million at 1.6% per annum with repayment of the debt from insurance coverage and the possibility of an early repayment in full or in part – on the security of the Policy itself (without pledge of other assets of the client). Insurance coverage is about $ 15 million. Thus, at a cost of $ 1 million and about $ 3.5 thousand per month to pay interest, the future of the family is guaranteed to be $ 15 million.

Insurance companies accept payment from any jurisdictions that are not blacklisted, both from individuals and from legal entities, which allows Russian customers to freely pay the Policy from offshore companies.

CONFIDERI successfully works with insurance companies, choosing the best UL program and method of financing for the Client. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and make a calculation and an estimate for your case for free.

Depending on age, state of health, country of residence and other parameters of the insured person

“Possession of Universal Life Policy does not fall under the new Russian anti-offshore rules and does not require declaration, because (a) the Policy is not a corporate entity and (b) cannot be considered as a foreign entity without a legal entity, in the context of the legislation on CFC (controlled by foreign companies ). This position is confirmed by the conclusion of the Big Four auditing company (the conclusion can be provided by CONFIDERI upon your request, it is not published in connection with the copyright of the copyright holder). ”