A ‘brilliantly resourceful team’ has been highlighted as a major factor in the performance of Exeter-based IMP Software over the past 12 months, which has seen the business double in size despite the continued impact of Covid on the schools.

IMP, a specialist in providing budgeting, financial management and reporting software for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), now works with 135 MATs and 1,250 schools, 200 of which will be onboarded in December alone.

Will Jordan, Co-Founder, IMP Software

The company’s customers include trusts of all sizes overseeing primary, secondary and specialist schools across England, and its award-winning IMP Planner system helps MATs coordinate their planning and budgeting processes, apply discipline in the financial management and prepare monthly budget monitoring reports. .

Basically, IMP provides the budget position of the Trust as well as the position of individual academies, saving time and reducing costs.

“The past year has been challenging for many companies working in the education sector, and as MATs are our customer base, we were still expecting some impact, but we are truly lucky to have a brilliantly resourceful team. which drives our IMP Planner system,” explained Will Jordan, co-founder of IMP Software.

“Not only did this allow us to exceed our in-year goal of supporting 1,000 schools, but we grew our team by 150% and launched an industry-first rewards and recognition program, the MAT Finance Awards. , which has further strengthened our position in the market.. We ended 2021 very well and 2022 is going to be a great year for us, but the future is really bright if we continue to do what we are doing the right way.

While its first three years of operation have shown that there is tremendous interest in the MAT-focused budgeting, forecasting and reporting software from IMPs, small and medium and large trusts, the “right track” which Will describes continues his advertised client-first approach.

“Our success to date has been achieved by sticking to the basics: focusing on the problems we solve with our innovative product and caring for our customers, ensuring they get the most out of our solution,” Will said. “We will continue this approach and these principles through 2022 and beyond: this is who we are as a company and as a group of people. We therefore want above all to maintain and increase the satisfaction of our customers. We are aiming for another year of 100% customer growth, so we need to make sure we meet our customers’ needs and adapt our services to their feedback. »

Will revealed that IMP’s customers have been instrumental in supporting the growth of the business. “High levels of customer satisfaction and endorsement: People raving about what we do through in-person and online forums make a real difference,” he said. “We look forward to further establishing our position as MAT’s strategic financial planning partner and have many great conversations with the Trust’s finance teams who are excited about our new approach to their challenges. Additionally, we plan to launch a second mainline product alongside our flagship IMP Planner later this year.”

With policy direction pointing to further developments in the MAT industry, IMP Software also plans to expand its team from 26 to “about 40 people” in the near future. Will said: “It is clear that greater academization, both through the growth of MATs and some through an increase in merger approvals, will be an important part of the industry landscape in 2022. To ensure that we can Confronting this growth head-on and attracting qualified developers with top MAT finance talent is a major business priority. We are always looking for passionate and brilliant people.

Will added that IMP was “proud to have a large team footprint in the South West and to be part of the region’s growing technology companies that also operate nationally.” He said: “Our ambition is clear, and while this will all be a real challenge, it’s a challenge we’re really excited about and we believe it’s in our hands to meet it.”

Meanwhile, to inform the development of a new industry research report, IMP is looking for Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers and Business/Financial/Operational Managers of MAT to complement its MAT Growth Survey 2022. The deadline for responses is 18and February.

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