SASKATOON, SK (October 7, 2020) – The First Nations Bank of Canada (“FNBC”) today officially launched its wholly-owned Aboriginal trust services company, FNB Trust.

For 25 years, the First Nations Bank of Canada has proudly served the banking needs of its clients. We have supported growing Indigenous businesses and communities looking to the future. Many of these Indigenous communities also need support for the establishment and administration of community trusts established from settlements and economic developments.

“Now we are bringing our attention, attention and community focus to Aboriginal trust services through our affiliate, FNB Trust. From inception of the trust to administration, we are committed to supporting the prosperity, leadership and well-being of Aboriginal people, ”said Keith Martell, President and CEO of FNBC and FNB Trust.

Based on our experience and strong relationships with Indigenous communities, FNBC has identified a growing demand for administration and support services from Trustees and Trusts. Driven by increased land claim settlements, specific claims, resource revenue sharing and economic development, the demand for cutting edge, highly ethical and transparent trustee services is clear.

To meet this market need, FNBC launched FNB Trust. The primary objective of FNB Trust is to act in the best interests of Indigenous Trusts and their beneficiaries. We’re committed to delivering the services our customers need, the way they need them.

With over 50 years of combined fiduciary and trust service experience, our FNB Trust team is there for our clients from start to finish of the trust process.

About the First Nations Bank of Canada

FNBC is a Canadian chartered private bank more than 80% owned by Indigenous shareholders across Canada. Aboriginal shareholders of FNBC include groups from Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec.

FNB Trust is a federally regulated trust company and a wholly owned subsidiary of FNBC.

FNBC and FNB Trust have over 70% Indigenous employees, over 90% of FNBC’s commercial loan portfolio goes to Indigenous governments, businesses and organizations, and 100% of FNB Trust clients are Indigenous. FNBC and FNB Trust together invest more than $ 1.6 million each year for goods and services in the Indigenous communities they serve.

As a majority Indigenous owned and controlled entity with over 14,000 client accounts, FNBC is focused on meeting the financial service needs of Indigenous clients across the country through a network of full-service branches, community banking centers and electronic banking channels. With nearly $ 1 billion in assets and a network of nine (9) full-service branches and nine (9) community banking centers, we continue to develop innovative products and services to meet the needs of our core Indigenous markets. .

FNBC is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Canadian Payments Association, and is a mortgage lender approved by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, as well as the Market Housing Fund. First Nations.

For more information, contact:

Keith Martell, President and CEO
Telephone: (306) 955-6734
Email: [email protected]

Suzanne Trottier, Vice-President, Indigenous Trust Services
Telephone: (306) 385-7712
Email: [email protected]

Or visit:


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