The Freedom from Religion Foundation this week ripped off South Dakota’s “In God We Trust” law as a form of “brainwashing” applied to children.

Students from Mount Rushmore State will be returning to class in the next few days to find the famous motto somewhere in the building.

The law, signed by Governor Kristi Noem in March, covers 149 school districts.

“Some have plaques, others painted it on the wall, maybe in a wall decor,” South Dakota Associate School Boards executive director Wade Pogany told CBS. reported Friday. “[One school incorporated it into] their wall of freedom. They added this to a patriotic theme.

Freedom From Religion Foundation co-chair Annie Laurie Gaylor blasted the legislation.

“Our position is that it is a terrible violation of the freedom of conscience to inflict a divine message on a captive audience of schoolchildren,” she said, the network reported.

“These laws aim to advance the big lie that the United States was ‘founded on God’ or Christianity, thereby dismantling the wall between religion and government,” the FFRF said in a statement. published Thusday. “The motto” In God We Trust “is inaccurate, proprietary, and aims to brainwash American schoolchildren into believing that our nation is a theocracy.”

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