IDnow wishing to position itself as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). To that end, the company has appointed Johannes Leser as the company’s new vice president of trust services.

As vice president, Leser will lead and grow IDnow’s trust services unit and oversee the creation of a new trust service specifically for Germany. IDnow is based in Munich, although it has five other offices scattered throughout Europe.

Leser himself has over a decade of experience in trust services, and electronic signatures more generally. Most notably, he is the founder of Namirial Germany, which acts as the national subsidiary of a major trust service provider in Europe.

QTSPs are an integral part of the growing digital wallet and mobile identity ecosystem. Digital wallets can be used to store a wide range of digital documents, from national identities and driver’s licenses to bank account and payment information. A QTSP is able to verify the authenticity of documents stored in a digital wallet, creating an essential layer of trust needed to facilitate secure digital transactions. Leser will be asked to turn IDnow into a certified QTSP, which in turn will enable the company to offer verification services to major players in the digital wallet and mobile industry.

“I look forward to building a qualified trust service provider with IDnow,” Leser said. “Among other challenges, we will address issues of how qualified attributes interact with wallets to prove digital identities.”

“By creating our own QTSP, we can not only verify and store digital identities, but also attest to additional electronic attributes,” added IDnow CTO and CEO Armin Bauer. “Johannes brings the ideal experience to make this initiative a success and I look forward to working with him.”

In July, IDnow join the IDunion help shape digital identity standards in Europe. The company also consolidated its various identity verification services into a single IDnow platform in early March.


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