Opus Trust Marketing is revamping its cut-sheet color printing capacity with an investment of £ 500,000 in five new machines.

Leicester-based company switched from Canon Océ in Ricoh and the new printers are expected to go live on February 1.

Opus Trust has decided to replace its two Canon Océ CS66 models.

“Our fleet of cut sheet color machines was four or five years old and we were looking to keep it running for its entire life,” said sales manager Mark Hetem.

“However, we see that there is a need for cut sheet color technology as companies want to use more colors and fonts. Due to this need for smaller prints and different formats, we thought it was time to upgrade. “

Hetem said customers are being encouraged by regulators to make changes to their transactional and marketing mail or to include more personalized content.

“Regulators increase the complexity of documents. An energy company might need to forward the customer’s bill differently than it needed to do a month ago. So it’s helpful for us to have newer technology.

The company did a full market research, considering all the appropriate options and decided to go for Ricoh, purchasing two C7100 printers and one C9100.

The 90 ppm C7100 prints off stock at up to 360 g / m² with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 4800 dpi, and can also produce banners up to 700mm long. It has a fifth color station for applying white, or a transparent spot or flood glossy finish.

The C9100 can reach a monthly volume of 1 million A4 pages, according to Ricoh and operates at a speed of 110 ppm with a print quality of 1200 x 4800 dpi. It can handle media from 52 to 400 g / m².

“The new machines give us more flexibility and more creative options, increased capacity and reliability. They were the best for our needs, ”Hetem said.

“We chose these products because they offer excellent quality and a great impression at the right price, and in a few months they will help develop new business capabilities. “

Opus Trust Marketing, which achieved a turnover of £ 20million for the first time in its most recent financial year ended March 31, 2015 after experiencing 17% year-over-year growth, took the opportunity to add two Ricoh Pro 8100s for MICR printing on checks.

Hetem said there was still a strong market for checks.

“The checks are not showing any sign of diminishing, we still have a need from our customer base,” he said.

He said the company of 150 employees, who was shortlisted in the Business of the Year category at this year’s PrintWeek Awards, has a policy of continually reviewing its technology so that it is at the cutting edge of technology for customers.

Managing Director Paul Brough added: “So far it has been a busy year for us and the trend of sustained year-over-year growth has continued.

“We are on track for another successful fiscal year and this investment is part of our strategic business plan and demonstrates the confidence we have in growing our business for the future. “



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