Actor Tanushree Dutta is both enraged and disappointed that Nana Patekar got a clean score from Mumbai Police in the sexual harassment case against him. The actor alleged that Nana had inappropriately touched her on film sets in 2009. Now, talk to Hours now Regarding the development of the case, Tanushree said women in India will never get justice under the law. She said she knew it was coming because women are always subject to criticism and bullying when speaking out against sex offenders.Also Read – Anurag Kashyap, Taapsee Pannu Face IT Raid: Twitter Memes Say Kangana Ranaut Is Happiest Today

Speaking to the news portal, the actor said it was important for women to continue to name and shame their stalkers in movements like #MeToo because reliance on the forces order will bring them nothing. She was quoted as saying, “The movement, this whole idea of ​​talking and naming and shaming your stalkers and abusers is not about the law taking action, because that is proof of why so many women have taken to social media to name and shame their abusers and stalkers because that is what happens when you file an FIR. Read also – Court acquits Priya Ramani in defamation case against MJ Akbar, quotes Ramayana: “Respect for women is essential to Indian ethics”

In Tanushree’s case, police said they couldn’t find any legitimate evidence that Nana harassed her on the sets of Horn OK please. So the actor made it clear that she now has no faith in law and order. Tanushree said, “Don’t trust law and order, they are useless. Now this should be an example for all the people who questioned the women telling them why you didn’t file the FIR, police complaint, so this is a way to shut down these people. Also Read – Tanushree Dutta On Her Weight Loss Journey: I Used To Get A Lot Of Sneaky Compliments That Would Hurt Me

The actor also questioned the unfair behavior of the police by not even testifying all witnesses before filing a B summary in court. She spoke about Nana and again accused her of harassing many women. She said she is shocked to realize that the actor has not only harassed her, but has insulted many other women in the industry as well. Tanushree was quoted as saying, “It amazes me that a man who has been called out for decades for his abusive and stupid behavior, if a woman calls him out in public she is still called a liar. It’s an old story in our country… any woman who talks about harassment or abuse is a liar.



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