The members of the board of directors of West Auckland Trusts Services Ltd. (WATS), chaired by CNZM QSO Chairman Brian Corban, have decided to accept a 20 percent pay cut for the next six months.

Mr Corban said the Council was following Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s lead in showing solidarity with those affected by the effects of Covid-19.

“The impact of Covid-19 will be felt across New Zealand. It’s a little way to support those in our West Auckland community who have been affected at this time, ”said Mr. Corban.

The 20 percent pay cut represents an average of $ 10,000 per board member for six months.

Additionally, Linda Cooper, President of the Waitakere Licensing Trust and Pam Nuttall, President of the Portage Licensing Trusts have both agreed to reduce their annual fees by 20% to $ 30,000 for six months.

The majority of the Trusts stores remained open during the level four lockdown, and in addition to serving the locals, the Trusts are focusing on what can be done for their local community during this difficult time.

“A number of local community groups have told us that they are grappling with the increased load on their services.

“We are working alongside elected members of the Waitakere and Portage Licensing Trusts to determine how we can best help West Auckland in the short, medium and long term through this crisis,” said Mr Corban.

The WATS Board of Directors is made up of nine people. Five are independent directors with commercial experience to complement the four directors appointed from the license trusts.

The board of directors of WATS Ltd includes:

  • Brian Corban CNZM QSO (Chairman) – Independent Director
  • Campbell Barbour – Independent director
  • Andrew Bonner – Independent director
  • Tim Livingstone – Independent director
  • Dianne Williams – Independent Director
  • Neil Henderson – On behalf of Portage Licensing Trust
  • Mark Roberts – On behalf of Portage Licensing Trust
  • Penny Hulse – On behalf of Waitakere Licensing Trust
  • Lynette Adams – On behalf of Waitakere Licensing Trust

About trusts

The Waitakere Licensing Trust and the Portage Licensing Trust are responsible for the sale of alcohol at certain retail outlets and hospitality locations within a defined geographic boundary in West Auckland. Established by a community vote, they are collectively known as Trusts.

The trusts are owned and governed by the community, with the aim of giving back to West Auckland.

Given the proximity of the two license management districts, the trusts merged their operational and management functions, such as human resources, accounting, marketing and logistics to streamline operations. West Auckland Trust Services Ltd is the management company of these merged functions.

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