NEW YORK, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Wilmington Trust, NA has been recognized as the “Global Corporate Trust Services Provider of the Year” by Infrastructure Investor, a leading industry magazine that covers infrastructure project financing worldwide. In 2018, Wilmington Trust’s project finance team worked on nearly 70 transactions, ranging from $20 million for $1.5 billioncovering many sectors of the project finance space including conventional energy, renewables (wind, solar, hydro), midstream oil and gas, infrastructure and telecommunications (data centers and cell towers) .

“Being recognized by our industry peers is a testament to the quality of our service and our growth in project finance,” said Will Marder, project finance product manager for Wilmington Trust’s Global Capital Markets division. “While we have a long history of providing fiduciary and agency services for project finance transactions, our team experienced significant growth in 2018, driven by a renewed focus on emerging client segments and our continued commitment to the marketplace. and at the service of our customers.

The award was announced in the March issue of Infrastructure Investor, along with awards in 40 other project finance industry categories spanning the Americas, EuropeMENA and Asia Pacific Regions. The winners were selected through an online survey of industry participants conducted during December 2018 and January 2019.

“Receiving this award is a rewarding way to start 2019, and we are not going to rest on our laurels,” said Doug Lavalle, head of Wilmington Trust project finance sales. “We will continue to grow our project finance business in the U.S. and internationally as a truly independent third-party agent and bank, allowing us to take on a variety of roles in complex, multi-party transactions. slices.”

Learn more about Wilmington Trust’s Trust and Project Finance Agency capabilities, including Administrative Agent, Collateral Agent, Custodian, Account Bank, Trustee, Intercreditor Agent, the Noteholders’ Representative, Paying Agent and Escrow Agent, visit our Project funding page.

Wilmington Trust, NA provides Corporate and institutional services including institutional trustees, agencies, asset management, pension plan services and administrative services for clients worldwide who use capital market funding structures. The corporate and institutional division stands out from many competitors through its status as the core business of Wilmington Trust, as well as the experience and expertise of its global staff and its multi-jurisdictional presence.

Wilmington Trust also provides Wealth advice services with a wide range of personal trust, financial planning, fiduciary, asset management and family office solutions designed to help high net worth individuals and families grow, preserve and transfer their wealth.

Wilmington Trust has clients in all 50 states and many countries, with offices everywhere United States and internationally in London, Paris, Dublinand Frankfurt. For more information, visit

Wilmington Trust is a registered service mark. Wilmington Trust Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of M&T Bank Corporation. Wilmington Trust Company, operating at Delaware solely, Wilmington Trust, NA, M&T Bank and certain other affiliates, provide various fiduciary and non-fiduciary services, including fiduciary, custodial, agency, investment management and other services. International corporate and institutional services are offered through international subsidiaries of Wilmington Trust Corporation. Personal and business loans, credit cards, deposits, and other business and personal banking services and products are offered by M&T Bank, Member FDIC.

MEDIA CONTACT: Kent WissingerWilmington Trust Public Relations Director (302) 651-8758

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